Redeem Now! One Round Trip Air Fare ( Any duration) Within the Continental U.S. Valid for Member travel only. Reservations subject to standard Star Credit week reservation guidelines. Member responsible for tax’s only. Coach fares applied, business and first class fare upgrades available for add on fee. GTN will make your reservations directly from the local office with you.
Or choose to have a check equal to 10%of your referred friends new purchase, or  leave this PERK credit in your perk bank for credit towards Perk level 2.
[ Max Value not to exceed  $400 or 10% of whatever is lower.]
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If you cash out at this level it resets you to perk level 0.

We ask that all attendees turn their cell phone onto vibrate or off so that other attendees don’t get disrupted by your phone ringing or you talking on the phone. Our contract with you for the gift is 90 uninterrupted minutes and your willful participation in our consultation.

Emergency calls are understandable however taking calls will extend the expected length of the presentation. In case of dire emergency we can easily reschedule you for a time when you have 90 uninterrupted minutes available. We focus on giving our attention to you exclusively, while you are with us, and ask the same consideration from you.

Sorry. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate late guests. All global presentations ( like airline flights)  are expected to begin on schedule, so we ask all invitees to pre-board with us 10 to 15 minutes ahead of time to complete our “check-in” process and to secure your seat in the presentation room.

Check-in includes presenting your invitation or confirmation letter ( the GTN boarding pass) , presenting your government issued ID’s, and filling out a short travel history and vacation planning survey, so we can focus on your specific travel needs and save us both valuable time. Don’t worry, this is’t a doctor’s visit, so our check-in and boarding process takes usually takes less than 10 minutes.

If you arrive late we can easily reschedule for a later date, or you can choose to “stand by” for the next flight (presentation) if one is available. We have a mission statement to start on time, so you can spend the pre agreed time allotment ( 90 mins ) shopping our travel offers.

Well kind of sort of but not really. Since you do have to pay some taxes and small fees on your gift we prefer to call them notfreetrips. Please go here for more information on your incentive. NotFreeTrips.com

Here is a list of the phone numbers that you can dial to get in contact with us. Please use the appropriate phone line. Remember every client also has a direct line to their personal travel consultant.

Marketing Companies confirmation and reschedule line:

To contact the advertising executive that set your appointment you should dial them direct. See your confirmation letter for direct phone numbers if you need to reschedule. You can contact them 9am-9pm

local sales offices direct line:
  • Denver (303) 759-2400
    • Tuesday-Friday 5:30pm-11pm, Saturday 12:30pm-5:30pm,
      Sunday and Monday Closed
  • Roseville (916) 780-9300
    • Wednesday and Thursday 5:30-11pm, Friday closed, Saturday 10:30am-6pm, Sunday 11:30am-5pm,
      Monday and Tuesday Closed
  • Salt Lake City (801) 287-9999
    • Tuesday-Friday 5:30pm-10:30pm, Saturday 10:30am-5:30pm,
      Sunday and Monday closed

all offices are closed on Federal holidays

Customer service members only line (800)299-9617 9am-5pm CST

GlobalPerks (points)  may be redeemed at any level you are qualified for.  Increase your points to get more money or a bigger prize. You need 10 points to get to the next level accumulate them for perks and cash them out at any time. Every time someone uses their points they go back down to zero points. GlobalPerks is only offered and serviced by Global Travel Network locally. Please contact your local neighborhood GTN office for service. All referrals are credited on a first come, first serve basis. 
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Round Trip Airfare and Seven Nights Acommodation For TWO in México at an All inclusive resort. Food, Drinks Included. Valid for Member travel only. Reservations subject to standard Star Credit week guidelines. Member responsible for taxes only… please dont forget your sunscreen! Coach fares apply, business and first class upgrades available for additional fee. GTN will assist you and provide your reservation from the local GTN offiice.
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Or have a check of $1,500.00 mailed to you.
or Leave this $1,500 in your perk bank towards Perk level 6.
If you cash out at this level it resets you to perk level “ZERO


For more information on the gifts that are being offered to you for attending a presentation please visit this site.